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Luke Lamprecht, MSc in Neurodevelopment

Child Protection and Development Specialist,

“Working with children is walking on holy ground, be mindful of the footprints that you leave”

Luke Lamprecht is a Child Protection and Development Specialist, with 26 years of experience in the NPO field. He has worked with organisations including Lefika La Phodiso: The Art Therapy Centre, The Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children, Johannesburg Child Welfare, Childline, Bigshoes and the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counseling Centre. He is also a director at Fight With Insight: a boxing gym based at the Children’s Memorial Institute in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, where he coaches inner-city children.

As a Child Protection and Development Specialist, Luke works with children in conflict with the law, children with autism, and children with behavioural challenges and psychiatric diagnoses. As an expert and consultant, he convenes the Johannesburg Child Advocacy Forum, supervises Women and Men Against Child Abuse's Alexandra Victim Empowerment Programme, consults to the founder of the South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse, and advises on child protection issues for the Shaken and Abused Baby Initiative. Lamprecht also compiled a protocol for Child Protection and HIV intervention (for children, adolescents and families) for child protection professionals.

Lamprecht regularly conducts talks and training sessions on social cohesion, servitude leadership, BEING MAN, child protection and development, health, mental health, disability, cyber-development and sexuality under Brain Mechanics. He is currently completing an MSc in Neurodevelopment at Wits and has an Advanced Health Management qualification from FPD and Yale University.