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Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Self-Injurious and Suicidal Behaviors: From Assessment to Intervention

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Dr. Lane Pederson, Psy.D., LP, DBTC, Consultation and Therapy
4 Hours 30 Minutes
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Few behaviors bring more harm to clients and stress to therapists as self-harm and chronic suicidality.  Fortunately there are best practices and proven interventions to manage risk and assist clients with their safety.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was originally designed for and researched with borderline personality disorder, a diagnosis characterized in part by self-harm and ongoing suicidal behaviors.  As such, DBT is uniquely helpful for managing these serious issues.


Join Dr. Lane Pederson for a can’t-miss training on addressing safety and developing comprehensive safety plans.


  • List the five essential best practices of suicide assessment

  • Know the important differences between self-harm and suicidal behaviors

  • Describe the key components of a comprehensive safety plan

  • Develop clarity about what constitutes a true commitment to safety

  • Determine when to use, and when not to use, the hospital 


  1. Defining Self-Injurious and Suicidal Behavior

    1. Assess and Manage Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB) 

  1. When is SIB life-threatening and other dilemmas

  2. Creating alternatives

  1. Assess and Manage Suicidal Ideation (SI) 

    1. Suicide assessment techniques 

    2. Establishing safety protocols 

    3. Safety plans and safety commitments

  2. Hospitalization Issues 

    1. Effective use of the hospital 

    2. Transitions in and out


General Credits

This course is available for 6 total CPDs

The HPCSA has declared that any on-line courses CPD/CEU credited by a certified US board, is automatically CPD/CEU credited in South Africa. 

As there are different boards for different disciplines, we at Acacia suggest that you use the Counselling CPD/CEU credits. These correspond to South African credits of one CPD/CEU per 60 minutes. If you choose to use your discipline's credits, please do so at your discretion.


Dr. Lane Pederson, Psy.D., LP, DBTC, Consultation and Therapy Related seminars and products: 2

Dr. Pederson is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) therapist, author, trainer, and consultant who understands the challenges and opportunities of implementing DBT in real-word settings. He has been an invited speaker for large national conferences and private events of all sizes and has trained over 10,000 professionals in the United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Mexico. He has provided specialized DBT training and consultation to mental health centers, chemical dependency treatment centers, hospital settings, and forensic settings. Notable organizations that have contracted DBT services with Lane Pederson and Associates, LLC include the American Psychological Association (APA), the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA), the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the United States Navy, Walter Reed National Military Hospital, and Psychotherapy Networker.

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