Image of Parental Alienation: What it is, why it matters, and effective interve
Christie Els
8 Hours 30 Minutes
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Live Event
Randburg, Gauteng
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Parental Alienation is an unacknowledged and poorly understood form of family violence. Alienated children are often separated from the target parent for long periods of time - this separation coupled with parental alienating behaviors is associated with poor psychological adjustment among children. Research shows that alienated children experience more psychosocial adjustment disorders (e.g. internalizing and externalizing problems) than children who have not been alienated. For target parents, the outcomes of parental alienation appear to be similar to other forms of intimatepartner violence. Targeted parents report experiencing depression, anxiety, and high levels of suicidality, and live with unresolved feelings of grief and ambiguous loss. This training will focus on how parental alienation is assessed, how it affects the alienated child and what intervention strategies are appropriate for each case

Sat, 02 Nov, 2019 - 08:30a to 05:00p South Africa Standard Time

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